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(my other got locked as we moved to smf, failed then moved back before fully open)

Site Name: PC Forumz
Site URL: <snip>
Description: PC Discussion, Support & Articles
Your Name on the Board: AssignmentA


PC Forumz is a community built around our members. We give support and join in discussions with our fellow community, With PC Forumz you will always have someone there to get support from or simply someone there to have a nice chat with. What ever you may want to find, you will find it over at PC Forumz. We are still a new community so we need you to bring your PC geek side or PC dunce side. No matter if your good or bad at knowing the features on a PC there is always room for you at the forums. We offer articles about PC's and owing a computer and much more so come and have a look at the new but hoping to be successful community,

Is there any feedback at all on this?

Horrible skin IMO, not much content and way to many PC forums out there anyway
Which is why we are going to be different than the rest. We have a great domain so we should do good. And I am going to be making a custom skin of my own very soon but its just something i have there to keep it looking okay
Well, you wont be different from rest if you have too many forums. You will be unique only if your categories and forums are unique. Just try to implement some unique idea.
Your using vB...
He moved to VB just now it seems.
No MyBB forum