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Full Version: [Theme] MyClean [Multilanguage]
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[Image: cabecera.png]


So, this time i’m here again for a new series of themes that i developed in a week: MyClean. MyClean it’s a serie of 7 skins simples, clean and cute, based on the default theme of MyBB. You can find it in 7 different colors: Blue, Brown, Green , Orange, Pink, Purple and Red.

Information and screenshots

Each theme includes:
  • A folder called "SUBIR", that have all the things that you have to upload to your forum root:
    - The images of the theme.
    - A lang file (Edited for a better stats in the index.php).
    - A .js file (Edited for make work the multi quote).
  • A "MyCleanX-theme.xml", file for install the theme.
  • A "README.txt" that explains how to install the theme and the support URL.
  • A few screenshots.

Cool Features:
  • Dropdown login.
  • The buttons are in html/css.
  • A simple list of the forums, make it nice to your eyes.
  • Nice way to show your messages with a globe.

The 7 colors (Downloads, screenshots and demo)

Click in the color that you want to download and you will be redirected to the MyBB mods site, where you can find screenshots and download of each theme.

[Image: mycleanblue-portada.png] [Image: mycleanbrown-portada.png] [Image: mycleangreen-portada.png] [Image: mycleanorange-portada.png] [Image: mycleanpink-portada.png] [Image: mycleanpurple-portada.png] [Image: mycleanred-portada.png]

License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

[Image: 80x15.png] All the themes of MyClean have a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

MyClean was created by: nentab of SoporteMyBB.
If you want to publish in your site you have tu publish the license and the author.

Report a violation of the license

If you find a violation of the license (delete the copyright "Tema MyClean creado por Abdón de SoporteMyBB",) please report it in our forum sending a PM or [[email protected]]sending us an e-mail[/email].

Support for the MyClean themes

Due I’m spanish I can’t give to you support in english (and other langs), if you want support in spanish you can do it in the official thread in SoporteMyBB: [Tema de SoporteMyBB] MyClean [Multilenguaje]

Hope you like it and enjoy it!, Best regards!

EDIT: Thanks to alv4 for the translation.
Very nice theme. Thanks for this Smile
Pretty good actually. I like it. The postbit is rather oversized to my eyes, though.
Very clean themes. Smile
Very nice theme, abdon! Big Grin
Love it, is perfect!
The brown one isn't approved yet.
Thanks to everyone!

@alv4, Yes... Today I sent a MP to saying so Tomm, to see if I could see what happened to him.
Nice one Wink
Nice series. I would use the blue one but I have a small suggestion. Do you mind resizing the thread view and the quick reply to one width?
It seems but awkward when those two are in different widths.
Very nice.
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