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[Image: mightygamer.png]

I have always wanted a gaming forum but never could due to money and knowledge but now i have a little of both and i decided to go for it. This is my first forum and there is a lot to still do but i would like to get a community going if possible why ill do the updates/changes.

As of yet this forum is just like any other but once i have everything sorted i will be working on finding a niche, something that will attract members and make them want to sign up and keep coming back. I custom theme will be made shortly!

Please check it out, tell me some things i need to change/update so that the forum looks better and feels like a nice place to be. If you have the time please sign up and get posting :thumbsup:

Pretty decent forum in my opinion. Just create as many topics as you can, as an empty forum will not attract users.

Also the image which you used in this thread is much better than your forum's logo. Why not use this one instead of your logo?
The top area takes up WAY too much space. Looks around 500 pixels in height. That's way too much.

The navigation area; Search, Help, Member List, Calendar - is completely misaligned.

It looks fine, in a standard widescreen resolution, 1680/1920 or higher.

But under lower resolutions, around 1024 - 1280, the whole navigation disappears off screen.

That whole area needs to be fixed.
Yh trying to sort the area above my logo out but im not really sure how to change it. Also you mentioned the Navigation bar is messed up, how would i sort that out aswell?

thanks for the Comment Kavin, hopefully other people will think so to
Bump bump bump. Need members
Bumpy Bump, got a few more members. New Theme and added tabbed menu's.