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Full Version: Homefront UK
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Just shameless plug of my site lol!!

Its all for discussion on the game Homefront. Talk on all consoles is available, as well as Clan Talk! and theres a section for general chit chat!!

Its only new, so where trying to get members on and chatting at the moment! Big Grin
Get a TLD. Sites with sub-domains fails to attract members these days.
Best i can do atm! Will get proper domain when i got the cash! Smile
I really get a squeezed feeling Big Grin To my feeling is that sidebar a bit to much. Or maybe you could try to put it on the right instead of the left. It looks a bit weird to me atm. Most visitors look at a page in an F shape. This means that important content needs to be on the left and less important content on the right. Also your header image expands over the width of your content. It needs some resizing or cropping to fit the content.
Fits fine on mine, hmmmm what Res are you using?

I'm on 1280x800 so it's a pretty decent size. The minimum resolution that a website should work on these days is 1024x768.
Ah so i see, shall take a look! Thanks!