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Full Version: need with with error
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I upgraded to 1.6.2. everything looks like it is working but when you click on view new post or view today post i get this errror

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'uid' in 'where clause'
SELECT fid FROM mybb_moderators WHERE uid='1'

I am very new to this all and need some help please
What did you upgrade from?
sorry it was 1.4.3
This column was removed in 1.6 so you still have 1.4 code running, either core files or a plugin. Go to ACP > Tools & maintenance > File Verification, run this, does it say any files are changed??
i show 33 file changes and 57 missing files i think thats no good
No, it's not... did you upload the 1.6 files so they overwrote the 1.4 files...??
yes I did that, i created a mess not truely knowing what I was doing
can i just get rid of view new post or view todays post since i cant get it to work?
You can just remove the links from the header_welcomeblock_template, but they're not related to this issue... have you uploaded the files again now, or...??
can I ask what files I should upload and where I should install them too?
Well not knowing what files the File Verification said was changed or missing I couldn't say, but I'd upload the full package again. They need to go to the exact same place your current files are, so they overwrite/replace the current ones.
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