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Full Version: Restore a Template
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How do I restore a template to how it was originally? I keep hearing the work "jquery" but have no idea what this means. My theme is nano skinners by the way.
jQuery is a javascript library, nothing to do with recovering templates... next to the name of each template, on the right, there's a button called Options, click that, and then Revert to Original.
Does it revert it to the default template or my themes template, because I clicked it and the same problem is still happening.
It reverts it to the MyBB default.

(03-21-2011, 08:23 PM)mithokey Wrote: [ -> ]I clicked it and the same problem is still happening.

What problem?? You've yet to explain what's actually wrong...
Ha, sorry Toungue

You see that green arrow in the quote? When I click it it doesn't direct to the post. Also (my main problem) is that I changed the forumdisplay_threadlist nano skinners template to the mybb default forumdisplay_threadlist template (to try to fix the green arrow problem). Now the list of threads is messed up (because it is using the mybb forumdisplay_threadlist template. The following is a pic of how it looks:

[Image: capturelc.png]
EDIT: I got the code from a newly downloaded nanoskiners xml file and it looks a little better, but still missing some stuff :\
Lets keep the discussion to a single thread: