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Admin City is a new forum dedicated to veteran and beginner admins alike. We have unique and exclusive guides that can help any admin.

Within the forum you can discuss things such as advertising techniques, software development and discussion, SEO, and you can even show off and advertise your website. Feeling tired of dealing with your site for at the moment? Stop in the off topic discussion section and just bullshit and have a good time with the other members. Any and all admins are welcome to discuss and share their knowledge, as well as to learn more about proper and even abstract techniques.
Hmm. So less number of categories. Make some categories targeting admin.
Nice domain and good theme.
I too like the domain, i also like how you take members views into perspective.
Good place for admins to meet and share technique, well done, nice theme.
Interesting, but the forums is a bit too... general..
What makes this different from the XXXX amount of webmaster forums around?