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Hello everyone of myBB As many of you may know I am hosting! Today I will be showing you this new site that was made by me. This site is a post for host site. If you really do not know what this is then I will tell you! This is where you make very few post a month. This is a really good way to get hosting if you do not have the money to do it. We also have so many sections and things to talk about that you will never get bored. This site is as said before new so we will need you to also try to get us up and running so that we can be one of those good forum sites also. This site is going to be all about its members. Helping them get hosting as easy as possible is our goal for you guys. With barley any post needed for the hosting you get for the post you make this is the easier way out of paying those prices for hosting. This is also great for the regular members of hackforums. Unlike us we will treat you and all of the upgraded members the same. We will give you same hosting for same amount of post. We will give you support when you need it. We will do everything to try to make sure that this hosting is the best for you. After getting some more members we may take the post requirement down so join and maby later on in the site you will not have to make that many post at all!! Well I have been rambling on about it lets get down to busyness now. We do sell hosting also so if you have the money but not the time we will also post a link below so that you may buy hosting! Well we hope to see you on our site and we hope you are active. Thanks and have a wonderful day Mybb!!

Post for host main url:

post for host packages url: Click here!

Post for host buy hosting: Click here!

If you join us! PLEASE post here!
(03-22-2011, 07:09 PM)antman07 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello everyone of hackforums!

Copy/Pasting Toungue

This is MyBB not HF Toungue
(03-22-2011, 07:11 PM)antman07 Wrote: [ -> ]What??

OP Wrote:(This post was last modified: Today 07:12 PM by antman07.)


Anyway, your site doesn't even load for me.
Yes modified because I changed some stuff around. Site is up and running fine by the way
It's just me then haha. I have been having some internet issues tonight afterall/
I really wish you could join us too Sad
You have been previously told not to open multiple threads for showcasing your site but you seem adamant to ignore all that.

You already have a thread in showcase for this site here:

If there are changes in the site then edit that thread and update it, do not open another thread.