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Full Version: Need Graphic Designer & Sales Man & support chat man
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Hello everybody,
I am looking for designer and sales man for my hosting company which is powered by mybb.

If you are interested please contact me via PM Or Pm on my site.
Sales person get $1.00 per hosting account registered of $2.5 and $2.00 for reseller account registered. Please contact me for more details and server specification.
please note that these plans are for limited time then they will double and your income also.
Designer get Reseller account with unlimited everything.
Please contact via PM.

No one interested? Al least reply if you have question,doubts or you need more for work.
Quote:Sales person get $1.00 per hosting account registered of $2.5 and $2.00 for reseller account registered.

Mate, you pay peanuts and you get monkeys Sad

That means to earn a $100 per day, which is still a pretty poor wage, you need to sign up 100 accounts. Are you kidding? I would rather talk someone into signing up with HostMonster or Hostgator, far easier and i probably get $50 per signup.

You are dreaming im afraid. Sad
There is hard to make customers in hostagor due to their high price range.
Okay i will make better prices if you want as i need costumers if you can do this work i can give you 75% of any plan.
Currently i am expert in building and managing server of linux. So, please contact me at - [email protected]
For discussion of price of plan that make customers as i am not expert in marketing.
I also starting forum hosting of mybb in coming days.
Some more information on what designer will do would be apprecaited. I'd also like to ask if a payment is possible instead of reseller package (I have no use of it)?
Please contact me at live support.
And also sorry for delay in answer your previous request. As i am working on server when your request came.
Ok, will contact you tomorrow when you're on.
You can try now.

No more Vacancy for Designers.