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Full Version: where is the spacebar?!
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i saw a spacebar template in adminCP but in private message I didn,t see it!!
spacebar template location:
AdminCP->template->private messaging->private_pmspace
please help me how i insert it in the private message?
you mean an space? or an new line?
an space you would need to add   where you usually would just put " ".
And if you want an new line you would have to put in <br />
This bar appears only when you limit the PM space of a certain group. If your group setting has unlimited PM space the bar won't appear, whereas if it was limited the bar will appear to indicated how much you have consumed.
but how i can limit the PM spaces?
From the User group settings. Read this tutorial for all the details about user group settings.

thanks so much

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The title fits.
what do you mean ?