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Full Version: Make MyBB SEO (old plugin) work with 1.6
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I have a pretty large forum here at

The issue is, its still running on 1.4, I've tried upgrading it to 1.6 but due to MyBB SEO not working with 1.6, all the URLs end up broken which is a VERY bad thing for SEO.

^^ That is the mod I'm using. I need it to work with 1.6 and I need you to assist me with the upgrade and weed out errors (if any) for me.

Do let me know what you'd charge for something like this.

Use Google SEO.
Yes, mybb-seo is quite out dated. You may use Google SEO as a best alternative.
I want to preserve the URLs people...
(04-01-2011, 06:02 AM)TehCoder Wrote: [ -> ]I want to preserve the URLs people...

So configure the rewrite rules to be the same as MyBB SEO was. I don't exactly know what they were but I'm sure if you posted the old rewrite rules someone would be able to help you out.