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<snip> is a site that has never been seen before and we make no money form doing this site and it cost of $25 a month. So please a thank you would be nice!

What is sickbux about?:
Sickbux is a site that we have never seen before and we do not think it has ever been released. What this is a member clicks on a link. Then gets money added to account balance. Then you transfer this money to advertising balance and whatever money you make goes to posting advertisements.

How much money is their made per click?: As said their is no payout but you make money to put towards posting your advertisement.

Money per click to go toward advertisement: $0.25

how to make Account balance turn into money for ads?: Read on
request payout page and home page both tell you their

Is this legit?: Yes

How long does it take for my link to be up?: Please wait up to 24-48 hours it may be instant depending when an admin is online

Is their any money to be made?: No

Is their any money to loose?: You can buy upgrades to donate to us to keep the site running and you can buy ads to keep us up and running
how many ads can we click a day?: As many as you want to
how much time is each ad?: 30 Seconds long

Have any questions that need answered?: If you have any questions please go to our site and click the contact us link on the button or click <snip>

whats the direct link to the site?: <snip>

Can we get direct click link to site?: Yes click <snip> to go to the site

Thanks and I hope to see you on our new site. Their has been 4 ads added so you can make $1 today to start your site by adding for 1,000 clicks

IF you join or link this idea please comment, rate