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Full Version: Limit maximum reputation given by a user to another
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I have a few infights between users of my forum, and one of them gave 1000 times 1+ reputation to the other user, against another one.

Is there any way that I can clean this up? Is there any way I can limit the number of reputaton that a single user can gve in a single day?

Is there a way I can ban a user from giving reputation points?

Go to: ACP > Users and Groups > Groups > Select Group > Edit [Options] > and enter value (in numbers) to allow users of that Usergroup to give reputations per day in Maximum Reputations Allowed Per Day: option field.
"Maximum Reputations Allowed Per Day" was already set to 5 only. Still, one user gave 1000 reputation points directly to another user, in a single day.
Change Points to Award/Take Away: from 1000 to 1
that was already set to 1...

I removed those 1000 points reputation directly on the database. Is there anywhere where the reputaton giving is registered, aside from the reputation table that I cleaned up?
I found out the person that did it. She said she used sql injection to do it. Is there anyy chance this can be true????