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Full Version: Background color box with text
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[Image: unledto.png]

Hi, I would like to make a yellow coloured box with a small text notice within. Can you tell me how?
Where you've seen this ? Any website URL ?
If you mean you want an image resizing plugin with a notification you can use this:

Otherwise please specify whether or not you want it in the theme or in a post.
Omg no, I would like to make a box like that, NOT that plugin!
In posts or elsewhere on the site?


It's really simple it just depends what you want to do. You could make a table with those attributes or use a div. If you use a table you can have the text vertically aligned, if you use a div you'd have to work out the padding.
(04-08-2011, 05:17 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Where you've seen this ? Any website URL ?

(04-08-2011, 05:39 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2011, 05:17 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Where you've seen this ? Any website URL ?

The box is taken from the plugin I posted. Stely simply wants to be able to use the box on the forums, but I can't establish whether in a post or just the theme.
in a post.
Okay you'll need to do it with MyCode. I will post later if nobody else has time before me.


<table width="100%"><tr><td width="100%" vertical-align="middle" bgcolor="#ffff99">$1</td></tr></table>

That should work... It's done with tables because it's easier but it's probably better if you do it with a div.
It worked. TY!