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Full Version: Hiding Threads To Guests
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Well, you can change this in the settings, but all it does is empty out the section/category of the forum. This is really disappointing. I watched a classmate go on my forum today and he went on, went into a section he was interested in, seen it was empty, and then asked me what no one has posted about it. I seriously cannot believe MyBB didn't do a better job at presenting this, it's not like they don't know the code, they are wonderful coders so I am not understanding.

What is the best way to show there are threads but you can't see them?
vBulletin has several ways to display this, such as showing the thread titles but then when you click on the thread, it says you must login/register. Also vBulletin changes the "-" (dash) that MyBB puts, with the word "Private". On MyBB it displays the exact same as it would if it was an empty section with no posts.

Is there a way to present this better? I already have tons of plugins for other things. It's frustrating to have to add a plugin to do everything. What have you guys done to change this?
I am sorry i can't help, you will have to wait for a mod/admin, but what "dash" are you talking about?
They can't cater for everyone, stop complaining about lack of features and work on your own then... Or you can install this:
lol love the complete meltdown over a relatively inconsequential feature. i can understand why you would want it but it doesn't really warrant such a response.