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Full Version: How to add Facebook and Twitter login?
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How to add Facebook and Twitter login?
Any tutorial, any plugin available? Thank you.
Thank you Yaldaram. Helpfull again!Big Grin
The problem is that this site : dosen't load..... Sad
Its currently down, hopefully Nayar would resolve it as soon as possible.
ANy other way to get that plugin ?
I don't think so, he hasn't submitted it to the MyBB Mods site or anywhere else. You can view the page with Google Cache but you still need to wait to download the attachment.
ok thank you have been very hepfull. Big Grin
(2011-04-09, 12:29 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ] <-- faceBook Connect
Anybody know if that site is down for good or is it just temporary, I've been trying for a few hours now?
It's still down Sad .... can someone upload the plugin here or maybe create a new one?

k.I've manage to get the plugin.. And now I have to create an app, as far as I understand I should fill this : Canvas URL. But with what??
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