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Full Version: Small security hole
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Is there any way to turn off the "Forum Team" and "Forum Statistics" at the bottom of the page, particularly for non-members?

I logged out and looked at the "Forum Statistics". There was a "Most Viewed Threads" listed that you must be a logged in member to see. I clicked it and I was able to see the Thread. I hit the Forum that contained this thread near the top of the page and got into the Forum. I was then able to read the threads in this forum (again, a non-member should not be able to see this). I went back one more level and was then asked to log in.

The "Most Replied to Threads" seems to filter out items a non-member can see.

This may be a security problem I am bringing to the Teams attention.
There must be something wrong with your permissions.
Amazing what one misplaced check-mark can do.
This happened to me today. Created a new group and somehow it ended up with read permissions for the moderator/admin only forum. Always a good choice to thoroughly test things out with a test user before putting actual users in any new group...