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Full Version: English GB Translation
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Why the hell do I bother asking questions anymore, when I'm just going to be attacked for it...
By default MyBB is installed with the American English language files. There are some differences in words like color & colour.
It does matter. I have an English (GB) pack installed on my work's internal systems where most of the error messages are made simpler and have error codes.

Obviously the author of the GB pack here feels there is a need for it.
I demand an English Canadian, complete with polar bears and iglos. pack. /troll
I think there are enough differences to warrant a separate pack. Else, you're going to get people on the site wondering why things are spelled without 'u' and whatnot.
It does matter to some yes, infact one rather huge forum (uk based) bypassed mybb and chose vB, because they didn't like the "american english" supplied by default. Big Grin