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Full Version: Smilie Problem
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So I want to edit my smiley set.

It all goes fine

This is the original:


This is what I want to change too

It works in the Admin CP - But then when I actually go to post form on the forum it's a rectangle box with a little red 'X' in it.
This is some error on smilie system, if your forum is in root folder and not in some folder like than smilie will not update, I too dont understand why, but if it is in than if you update your smilie, than your all smilie will be updated.
URL of somewhere you're getting this error?
Hi Ajs this is not error, this doesnt show images of smilie if forum is in folder.


http://localhost/forum -> smilie images will not show there, but if forum is in
http://localhost -> than smilie gets updated...

I too dont no why? I have seen this issue way 5-6 months back
(2011-04-18, 11:21 PM)AJS Wrote: [ -> ]

Never mind..there may be something wrong in localhost, continue with the help of OP, and unfortunately, i read email of all the replies here.

Make sure the image directory you're setting is images/smilies