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Full Version: Create threads from RSS feeds
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Is it possible to "automatically" create threads from RSS feeds with MyBB?. Like on this site

Is there a plugin available for it?
Cool thanks faviouz, btw I sent you a PM yesterday, did you rec it ok, Im thinking that I forgot to hit reply after writing it Blush
Don't worry, I did receive it. And I have just replied. Smile
ok thanks, reading it now Smile
Useful plugin, works perfectly. Is there a way to add a RSS icon to the posts?

[Image: rss-icon.gif]

Posts don't have RSS feeds as far as I know.

There is a way to add RSS icons to each forum though:
(04-21-2011, 09:26 AM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]There is a way to add RSS icons to each forum though:

I also have a tutorial on this:
ok thanks but what I was after is a RSS icon and even notes on the actual RSS news feed post. See example attached
Its all working fine but when the posts are posted it doesn't show the News Bots signature. Any suggestion to fix that? (signatures are enabled for that user and for posts)

Not sure to be honest, are signatures enabled in that forum?
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