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I need a shoutbox that would work on mybb 1.6 if anyone can help I'd pay.
Try MyShoutbox by Pirata Nervo Smile
It doesnt work I get errors.
Strange. What kind of errors?
Do you have msn? add [email protected] I will show you.
[Image: 74517523.jpg]

Yeah, that's not MyShoutbox - that's spicefuze... No wonder it doesn't work - it's not been upgraded in years.
Love the theme. Looks nice
Good Luck with it!
1. Use This chatbpx It's the best IMHO.
2. The word 'Black' in your banner is hard to see you should make it a little bit lighter.
3. What's up with your tabs? It refreshes the page every time you change the tab?

Other than that your site looks good.
The header for the theme looks really weird.
It's probably because of your logo.
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