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Full Version: Check out my new style
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Ok i have been worknig on this new style for weeks Toungue

so, what do u think??'
i like the blue against black, with the gray. Nice post icon, too. (although I don't really understand the envelope icon)
nice impletmtation of different modifications Smile
and nice theme.
thanx Big Grin seems like my forum is almost perfect Toungue the only thing missing is the users lol
Man yours is awesome how do you make those type of forums thoe
what is the link?
Loading time is a bit rough due to the large amount of images (even on DSL--I miss my Cable).
And while I personally don't like the color scheme at all, I can see why some people might.

I'd also suggest centering your top graphic/logo, but that's just me.

Keep up the good work.
Very good layout and execution. Applause from me.