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Full Version: new youtube embed code
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so youtube recently changed their embed code.

i need to know how to use the new video code on my forum.

what do i need to enter in my code?
The old code used to look like this - ""

Now it looks like this - ""

Seriously this issue needs to be addressed, all threads regarding youtube video embeding on this site are at least 3 years old! they are out of date and contain incorrect useless information.

The code has changed thus the solution must change as well.
The old youtube links work fine on my forum. redirects to anyway (or at least, it does for me).
(2011-04-25, 05:38 PM)adbrad Wrote: [ -> ]The old youtube links work fine on my forum.

adbrad what code do you use in "mycode" ?

(2011-04-25, 05:44 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ] redirects to anyway (or at least, it does for me).

it redirects for me to but the youtube tags on my forum dont work.

i enter say - [youtube][/youube]

and it just shows up like this on the page - [youtube][/youube]

no video...

The standard youtube URL works fine but the URL dont work lol

its not that big of a deal but its confusing to some of my users.
I'll put this on the dev tracker so that the dev are aware of this.

Changes to the parser will have to be made to recognize the new url.

EDIT: Done.
Are you using a MyCode or MyBB 1.6's video embed? Because if you use MyBB's embed feature then it works fine:

No, it doesn't work. What you did in the above video embed was just change youtube to and left the rest of the url in the old format. If you tried to embed using the new links it won't work.

For example, the above video you embeded:

Old share URL:
New share url:
What you used to embed:

Trying to embed using new url:
I still have the old share url in place.. But it would be nice to implement two things.
Old ones works fine with automedia plugin
I believe the "new format" is simply a short URL for videos. I'd be nice to implement, but I've literally only seen it used on twitter so far...