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Full Version: User Control Panel Template !!
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Hi All,

I need to know which template name inside the User Control Panel in the left bar where you can fine those linksin the Menu: Messenger

Sent Items
Trash Can
Edit Folders
Empty Folders
Export Messages

I hope someone can help me out to find the template so I can do my modifications in the template

Thanks a lot
Admin CP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *your template* -> User Control Panel Templates -> usercp_nav_messenger
  • Inbox
  • Sent Items
  • Drafts
  • Trash Can

all of these can't be found yet in a template, they are generated and stored in the database.

how ever if you dont want to edit those specific links then yeah you will find what you want in the template that crakter has mentioned.


Hi CraKteR & zaher1988,

Thanks a lot guys for replying and I found it and I did the modifications that I wanted to do on that template Smile

Thanks a lot