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What is Fallberry?
Fallberry is a personal web site with a forum attached to it. The forum is for friendly G-rated discussion. The primary topic is Arts & Entertainment, but other topics are also welcome.

Here's the forum:

If you want to start from the site home page instead, click on the link in my sig line.

Theme is a little bland for my tastes. I love the name though.
Thanks, pyridine. I was thinking so much in terms of making the design simple for my tastes, that I forgot this might be bland for others. Maybe I need to make a second theme.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the name.
I think this is the kind of forum that would be best suited in a single forum, much like
Faviouz, thanks for the feedback. I'll think about your suggestion.
I actually really like the theme, and the logo matches it perfectly. Good job!
Thanks, Kodaks! I appreciate the positive feedback.
Looks good andrew! Good luck Smile
Well, I now have more than 200 posts and less than half are mine. I've learned a couple things: 1) It's possible to have fun with a forum that only has one active member and 2) I've had to rewrite my rules to cover the ways spammers really operate.
I like the theme, but there's only three forums?
I know adding many forums and sections is frowned upon, everywhere - but three?
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