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Full Version: How to copy/paste images into a post
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I am sure there is an easy answer...but i cannot find it. In order for people on my forums to post images...they must attach them. Is there a plugin, or modification I can a person can simply copy and past an image into a post reply?
[img]url to image[/img]
(05-02-2011, 04:43 PM)Malcolm. Wrote: [ -> ]
[img]url to image[/img]

Thank you....but how do you get it so that people can just highlight an image...copy, and then past it into a post, so it shows? Without having to type in the coding?
You can't. That might be achievable with JavaScript or something, but that's a pretty advanced feature that almost no browsers or websites are able to natively handle Confused
They could just, right click image - copy image location - then paste the link inside the tags. It takes less than 10 seconds.
I know, but on my forums images are pretty common and I want to prompt them to do it without saving a file
Right click -> "copy image location..." -> click reply -> click image add button on posting toolbar -> paste URL -> post -> profit?
I guess they can do that, but not ideal for us...
Do you know of anysites that allow you to do this? This isn't Word or PowerPoint... It's the Internet and it unfortunately doesn't work like that Confused allowed you to do it...... everything else about those boards was terrible...but that was cool

You can go here, past the image in and preview will see. What was nice about it, was when you posted a copy/paste of an article it included the images, etc. The same way you saw it on the webpage.
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