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Full Version: How to Add Forum Icon for each Forum Section
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Hello Team

I want to add logo like this:

[Image: ZuJQd.jpg]

How I can it? Is it some plugin to do? Live example can see here:

Please someone guide me!
There's a plugin at MyBBCentral to do this called Ficons. You'd need a subscription though.
I did it on my forum by adding a field to the mybb_forums table. Because it grabs all data from that table with the query, you can include the image by doing <img source="{$forum['icon']}" alt="{$forum['name']}">. You put that before {$forum['name']} in the forumbit_depth2_forum. You'd need to make an option to alter it in the admin CP. You'd have to edit the /admin/modules/management.php file to do that. The best advice though is to find a plug-in. I do have an actual file modification written to do that if you're interested. In that case, you can send me an email.