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Full Version: Thread Prefixes missing from Admin CP.
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So I upgraded from 1.4.14 to 1.6.3 and it seems that the Thread Prefixes feature is not there. I checked all of my other 1.6.x boards and see it fine but not for this forum (unfortunately this is the only forum that utilizes it). Any ideas?

I've run the /install/upgrade.php script multiple times, been searching MyBB and Google for a few days, and scoured the code for a hint but with no luck.
Quote:Thread Prefixes, Statistics and File Verification menu options missing from ACP
Make sure you have uploaded all the new files. If you have renamed your admin folder for security reasons, the files may have been uploaded to the 'admin' folder and not to your renamed folder. To fix this, either rename the admin folder in the package to the name of your custom admin folder and upload the files again, or upload the contents of the 'admin' folder in the package to inside your custom admin folder, so they overwrite the current admin files.
Missing modules = missing/old files.
I've overwritten all of the files about 5 times now. I checked that each file was in the correct folder on the server and that the sizes match that in the zip. Sad
Clear your cache, it might be caching an older version.
I should also point out that I can access the Thread Prefixes configuration by manually typing in the URL so everything else is working except for the Admin CP menu.
The link is stored in ./admin/modules/config/module_meta.php, if the link isn't showing up, either your browser's caching it, or the file isn't updated and the code to add the link isn't in this file...
Found the problem. The Abbreviations plugin from 1.4.x overrides the Thread Prefixes link. When I disable it the Thread Prefixes link appears in it's place. I changed the following to get them to play nice: