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Full Version: smily and logo problem
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hello friends, I upload a new theme for my forum. and after that my smily and icons have some white shades{see screeshot}.how can I remove this????

[Image: 9997511e0198930166bc447c0fe984890acb8db.jpg]

[Image: 9997508462dcd148edc8868a40127ea0a95fb14.jpg]
It is because they where created for a light theme, Download some higher quality icons from and replace them.
I only find two smiley packs of cutelime.and they are same,just different color.
no more???
Just Google it yourself . You'll find tons of smilies.

After downloading, Install it yourself using "Add Multiple Smilies" option tab in your ACP > Configurations > Smilies

Here's a guide: [Wiki: Smilies]