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Well I couldn't respond/edit to my old thread of my site but I've re-done the site a bit and now have a giveaway going.

Also the login lets me log into the forum as well from the homepage. Of course it will be redesigned to look nicer than it does now as it's very basic. Wink
Not bad, the theme is simple but I like it.
Thank you very much Smile
Getting an "Invalid action" error when trying to register. D:
Nice forum, wish the best of luck to you sir.
(05-05-2011, 12:24 AM)Kazuto Wrote: [ -> ]Getting an "Invalid action" error when trying to register. D:

Huh What error are you getting? Screen cap if possible.

Edit: Aah! I see! All fixed! Thank you for the feedback! Smile
Look like best for you theme quality!
Looks nice. Good luck.
Also, the "Number of members" is not showing in statistics. I don't know whether its missing or you have knowingly removed it. Just wanted to let you know.
Looks good to me as well. The header, background, forum icons - nice work.
WoW , nice !
Good job !