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If you are sick and tired of irrelivent search engine results, and your website being on the last pages of the search results, then the SES is the place for you. Registering gives you access to an extra forum "Search Engine Secrets", which gives even more detail on getting the most out of Searches. But all of the other content can be viewed as a guest, but it would be respected if you join.

When the dns activates, the link will be Smile or Smile For now you can use the domain for my old site which still works (the one that says LINK)

Getting a domain soon, just wait Smile
Also I might get an actual website to go with it.

- Jaiden
Hmm, nice.

I'm registering.
no I haven't changed hosts. The Host I am using have changed a bit and decided that you can't access your website unless you have your own domain. So you can use the domain for my old website that was hosted there and when the dns activates for my new one, Smile
Thanks, a very nice idea
please join if you support the idea Smile Users can also add their tips Wink
very nice idea and with a very nice custom "search engine-looking" theme and a website to go with it you could go places
However, I do recomend geting a beter logo.

Just my 02 cents.
if no one joins I'm going to have to delete it... because if it's not being used, then I masewell just move my game maker forum into the root folder of my hosting ftp... it's currently in /gm_stuff, so I could rename that to /forums and move the site into the root.
Please join if you like it,
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