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Full Version: Logo and Usergroup Icons - $10
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Hey guys! I just found a new theme and I love it. So I would like somebody to make me a high quality logo and usergroup icons for each usergroup and post title to match the theme. I will pay $10 or possibly more depending on quality.
Theme - Portal 2

PM me for my msn.
I have some of these:
[Image: 23savzk.gif] if you like that I can do them in Admin And Mod and crap if you want... (For Free if not VERY little)

Just notice you got a new theme I will see what I can come up with.

What colors you want?

Here is a free logo:
[Image: 1pauqf.png]
(I suck but hey its free)
Well can we talk on MSN?
And thanks for the reply Big Grin
ya thats fine.. Whats your MSN?

Feel free to Pm me it to Smile
Hey nor, im looking for a logo as well, can you PM me?
Spaz I made the new one I hope you try it and like it. Smile