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Full Version: FFMPEG Hosting for 10$/Year - 15 $/2Years
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FFMPEG Hosting

FFMPEG Hosting has collection of php modules that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video.

FFMPEG Modules Installed

Mplayer + Mencoder

[Image: ffmpeg.gif]

Hosting Plans

Sub domain
1 GB Webspace
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Softaculous Auto-Installer
10 Email ids
10 Sub domains
10 SQL Database
FTP Access
Cron Jobs
Own Mime types
Custom php.ini

10$/Year , 15$/ for two years , 20$ / for 3 years

Professional FFMPEG

Free .in domain for first year (paid renewal from second year)
5 GB Webspace
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Softaculous Auto-Installer
50 Email ids
50 SQL Database
50 Sub Domains
FTP Access
Cron Jobs
Own Mime types
Custom php.ini

20$ / Year, 30$ / for 2 years , 40$ / for 3 years

Ultimate FFMPEG

Free .com domain as long as you host with us
20 GB Webspace
200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Softaculous Auto-Installer
Unlimited Email ids
Unlimited SQL Database
Unlimited Sub domains
FTP Access
Cron Jobs
Own Mime types
Custom php.ini

40$ / Year, 60$ / for 2 years , 80$ / for 3 years

Custom Packages available

10% discount on all packages for MYBB forum users.

Questions/Suggestions/Feedback/Order - Post a reply
(2) MyBB specific hosting or Multiforum style hosting which offers MyBB support

Welcome to last week.
Webhost has one click install for MyBB 1.6.3. forget to mention that in features
You are using a reseller of

And "one click install for MyBB 1.6.3" wont count as its a default thing with installers like Softaculous, which are provided by each and every host. In order to qualify for MyBB specific hosting, you need to provide a service similar to MyBBwebhost. Or it should be a multiforum like IcyBoards.

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