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Full Version: Limit mod cp for certain users?
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No, this plugin only restricts the ModCP, to restrict moderative actions on threads/posts, you'll need to configure that in Usergroup Permissions.
And to the other question: yes, unfortunately the moderator group must be the primary one for that plugin to take effect. (Users can nonetheless change their display group to sth else.)
Hmm, i'm confused as to where the Usergroup Permissions is. I'm looking through Admin CP > Users & Groups > Admin Permissions > Group Permissions.

Am I in the right spot? haha Blush
Nope. These permissions are user-based and can be accessed in the "edit user" menu unter "account settings".
Sorry guys, i'm a bit of a noob it seems haha.
Basically I just want to give people mod rights but not have them able to delete any threads or posts (using the in-line moderation tool). I still can't seem to find this option anywhere Sad
Make a new usergroup based off Registered usergroup and give it modcp access.
Okay that worked!
But now the inline-moderation bar is totally gone for this group. Is it possible to get it back but modified with only the delete function gone?
Give them everything except Delete Threads
The only thing I can find resembling that option is in Admin CP > Users & Groups > Groups > Edit User Group > Forums & Posts > Editing/Deleting Options > Can delete own posts?
But that sounds like it only gives them the option to delete their own posts or not. I can't find the option you're talking about Sad
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