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Full Version: Downloads or Support?
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I'm finding Support hard to obtain! Not sure how this happened, but look here

[Image: support]

(I don't know if i can trust that the image is going to appear for you, so this is the url: )

How does the person seeking Support navigate to this page? Thanks.

(Forgive me in advance if i've posted this in the wrong place and gently suggest where it should go.)
Hi Martin,
They have a link in the footer, is one answer.
I see now what you are saying, the downloads tab is highlighted when on the support page.

The Community Forum and MyBB Wiki already have tabs, so it looks like they ran out of space when adding the most recent tab (ie 'get-involved')?
The support page link is also on the downloads page:
Links on the left side.
Which is probably why the downloads tab is active on the support page.
I fail to see a logical connection between "download" and "support". It's a site design bug, imo.

If it's a matter of space up top: why not merge Home and About?
And why even have a "blog" -- how does it help your cause when you resort to using a competing paradigm?
Forums don't exactly compete with blogs, simply because we release forum software doesn't mean we can't have blog software running on the site too.

The support link is largely redundant; it just links to the Community Forums and the Wiki, both of which have their own links in the header anyway.
Well honestly the blog is kind of useless, imo. At least here. There's nothing that the blog accomplishes on these forums that an Announcements forum doesn't. If anything, it makes things more scattered and confusing.