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Full Version: Changing the "super administrator"
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How do I change the username/password for my administrator account?

Here’s what I tried to do:
- logged in as the current administrator
- set up a new account with administrator privileges
- logged out
- logged in as the new administrator
- attempted to change the (old) administrator account to a regular user
- received the following error:
“You do not have permission to edit this user because you are not a super administrator.”

So I have two questions really…

1) how should I go about changing the current admin account to something else (another username/password combination), and ensure that he, too, has “super administrator” privileges?

2) how do I change the old administrator account to a “regular” user?

Thank you very much for your help!
Edit ./inc/config.php.

Find the following variable:
$config['super_admin'] = "X";

And change X to what your userid is. Make sure you remove the other super administrator from this variable.

Then save the file and then attempt your changes again.
where ./inc/config.php. located?
It's a file. You must look where your MyBB installation is.

Then navigate to /inc/config.php
Thank you all very much!

- Edited my config.php file for the first time
- And used PHPmyAdmin to look up a UID for the first time

I know these are simple things, but thanks for helping me learn!


i did but no use..
(05-14-2011, 05:18 AM) Wrote: [ -> ]i did but no use..

what did you do?
what was you problem ? Undecided
what you said...

see this is my problem..i'm the real admin of the site and make another member as admin i limited his power.unfortunately i added myself to Co Admin Group Co Admin group Can't Acces to Admin Cp So i'm Also Now unable to Access The Admin Panel I wnt to back as Admin again what i want to do????? As you said i make the Change to Config.php but no use of it??? any idea to get it back changing php files in root folder????

see the Scree Shot I Circled my Name with Green Colour And other Admin with red Colour. my request is tell idea to make my self as admin again..please expet help me.....


change it to
$config['super_admins'] = 'x';

where x is your user id, not username.
if your user id is 1, then it should be

$config['super_admins'] = '1';
If i did it can i access to my admin panel?
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