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Full Version: Themes dosn't look fully
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Hello Support Team..

I have a problem with themes...
When i import or upload themes for my website those themes are not looking full..the banner of the theme is not be showed on my website...
Like this>>> (my website,Banner and menu button doesn't show correctly)

What kind of problem is this????
if i didn't upload or install my theme to mybb so please give a clear concept of install a theme for my website..

It looks like you have a permissions error on your images/lust directory you need to chmod it to 755 or 777.
If you try and load the image you get a 403 error so this is a permission or host issue, try the chmod, if your not sure pm me some cpanel login details and i'll takea look for you.
did you uploaded the images in image folder?
Ya...i uploaded it in image folder...
I cant understand chmod of cpanel..
Describe me which is chmod in cpanel or describe me full installation details of theme in mybb..