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Full Version: How much money has Ad.Fly made you?
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Over the past few weeks I've seen a lot of forums with that Ad.Fly plugin installed that monetizes the links.
While this is annoying, I'm a little interested in this, so I'm asking this question to those who have this plugin installed.
How much money have you earned using this plugin?
i am also interested....
I had it installed on one of my free web hosting company's forums but I got so many complaints via e-mail and traffic dropped off pretty bad for my regular users which killed my Google Ads income so I actually lost money by installing it.
If you respect your users, you should not use Ad.Fly.
$0.00 - it's a PITA. I hate forums that use it.
Yeah, you will lose members.
Just use Adsense. links will irritate users.
If i ever use it i'll only do it on links to guests.
Don't use it. So annoying.

(Says the person who made a plugin that does something similar to Toungue)
Well over a hundred.
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