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Full Version: adsense placement
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hi guys,

how do i do this on mybb board.

adsense on every first post top right corner

here's my board

thank you in advance
Go to: ACP > Templates > Your theme's templates > Postbit Templates > postbit > and find;
and Add the following code just Before that;
<div class="float_right">ADSENSE_CODE_GOES_HERE</div>

Replace "ADSENSE_CODE_GOES_HERE" with your adsense code.

It'll look like this;
hi it works but it shows on every post , how can i make it to show only on the first POST.
For only on First post you would need a plugin. I'll create you one shortly. Wink
tyvm sir!

is it also possible to place it at postbit Last post (current last post)
yaldaram how about this?

notice the adsense on the first post, it's between the actual post. Can you do that too?
sir yaldaram, how do i add adsense on top of the quick reply ....?