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Full Version: Cant see Images with my new Theme?
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When i switch to my new theme which i installed correctly i believe no images appear:
here is my site url is:
Can any one help me?
Your images must go into the ./images/lust/ folder. You've uploaded some images in ./uploads/images/ folder.
how do i get the post icons on the home page? like saying the fourm is old or somthing like that
The image path is not correct I think, which is why some images are showing and some are not.

1. Go to Admin CP > Templates & Style > Themes > Blue Lust > Edit Theme Properties > Image Path.

2. Make sure the image path is images/lust in that field.
Right-click on the place where that image should be and select "properties". That will show you what folder it is looking in, and what image it is looking for.
Go to your AdminCP and find Themes. Select the Blue Lust theme and scroll down to where it asks where your images are. Change that to point to the theme's images.
You will most likely find the theme's images all in one folder.

That is also the place to add the URL for your logo.
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i really need help