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Full Version: Nintendo Wii fansite/board.
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Hello, the name's Caleb. I suppose I should have registered as such, but oh well.

A friend of mine and I opened a new Nintendo Wii site/community a few days ago based off of MyBB, and must say that it has been really great to work with. Very easy to use and modify. thanks for that. Big Grin

The site is:
[Image: banner1.gif]
You can access the forum from there as well.

Hopefully you enjoy it. We still have more things in store, but it's good for the time being.
Feel free to register if you're a Nintendo fan and like what you see. We could use some activity to get things going a bit.
We're looking for some News Posters as well if anyone is interested (details are on the site in the "Grand Opening!" news article).


nice colors!
nice site... too bad the name WII pisses me off..
Nice name, To be honest - I'd prefer not to let my WII hang out. :p

Nice colour scheme. Smile
Dude...great job on the color scheme. I really like it.
Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Zaher1988, thanks for the suggestion. We've gone ahead and added some custom buttons now.
...also, we added a little image above everyone's signature (instead of an <hr> line). Check it out.
And I'm glad you enjoyed our replacement "Hello, Guest" text, lol.

Our only issue now is getting some more people to join. Unfortunately, we don't have the money to spend on advertising (as you suggested, jedk) or to offer prizes with. We've submitted to every search engine/etc, but those things take time. So, any other ideas in the meantime are welcome.

G'day. Big Grin
Read this, it may help you a little.