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Full Version: Support board with removed MyBB backlink or hacking content or ...
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it is allowed to give member-to-member support, even if the asking board owner removed MyBB backlink or the forum content is against support rules here?

Just want to know.

Personally I don't care if someone removed the MyBB footer link or have some content which is against MyBB community rules. If I have a quick answer/solution I would help (directly in thread, not as PM!). But I have to know if it is allowed.
I would imagine you can try. But, the thread will probably locked if a mod sees it first.
I personally will not do it, whether it will get me in trouble or not.
Its up to the users if they want to give help to those users that have been denied support, this is just a policy for the staff. However, I wonder how you will give support to them in the thread since the staff close threads of users that they find have violated the support policy.
As - G33K - said, it's not like we would give you a warning or anything for it, but their thread would be closed as soon as a staff member sees it.

By all means, I don't even see a problem if you accept PM support from these people, but trust me, you will get sick of PMs very quickly lol.
Good to know for the future. Thanks, Tim & - G33K -. Smile But, I have no plans on giving support for those who aren't supported. Toungue
(2011-05-28, 02:06 AM)Tim B. Wrote: [ -> ]but trust me, you will get sick of PMs very quickly lol.

This happen just yet... Dodgy