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The MyBB Wiki is a growing library of information about MyBB. It can be reached through the Support section of the MyBB homepage, or by the address:

The Wiki contains information ranging from installing and using MyBB to customizing MyBB to development of MyBB. The Wiki has documentation on each section of the Admin CP, and the Frontend, so it is a good place to look first if you want to know what a particular setting or button does. A detailed installation guide is also available, among various other pages.

We encourage everyone to contribute their knowledge to the Wiki. We (the MyBB Wiki team) are working on an ongoing basis on the Wiki as well, and with your help, we hope to develop a comprehensive and informative resource for all MyBB users.
I'd also like to thank Dennis, Tikitiki, Belloman and all of the other participants for their hard work in getting the Wiki up to this standard.

A huge thanks for putting together something that I never would have had the time to complete and something fairly comprehensive for MyBB users.