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Full Version: RSS in forum description
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It is possible to add rss feeds on forum description like this?

[Image: CmeTG.png]

If you've script to add it to there then here is how;
Go to: ACP > Templates > Forumbit Templates > forumbit_depth2_forum > and find;
and add the script code just after that, like this;
{$forum['description']}{$modlist}{$subforums}</div><br />YOUR_CODE_GOES_HERE
Thanks for the tips. But I don't have idea how to find a rss script like that. Most rss script I found are included with their template, not plain text with fading function to show 5 rss feeds.
Make a feed script from here: , Insert the code it generated.
Replace YOUR_CODE_GOES_HERE width:
Quote:<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/syndication.php?fid={$forum['fid']}&limit=15" title="RSS"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/rss.png" alt="RSS" title="RSS" /></a>

Change red color values to match your preferences.
I think he want to display feeds not just the Button.
Yep, display feeds. Thanks again Yaldaram and all, only one more step I need to solve this problem. How to make it fade in and out like this forum?

They use IPB Trial version, but I think it is also possible in MyBB.
what does rss do?i have no idea :X does it attract members?
maybe. It just let users know the news update.

Alright I found what I need here[link] but it is designed to show on html page. When I enter the codes at forum description it won't work. Any idea? Sorry I'm noob in coding.