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Full Version: Strange Problem ..Help me..
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Hi Friends i have some members saying virus entering when they entered to the site so as my experience the virus should be in the FTP So i planned to delete the current Mybb installed files from FTP and want to install a new one on the same directory. So i want to connect database to the forum as the new one going to be as old directory can i take a copy of Config.php and can i replace the new config.php with that old one.? If i did it does it work? And one more if i'm installed a new pack and restored database after database how can threads will placed in correct sections? Will backup create the appropriate section in new theme? Please answer me
Yes, you can replace config.php with your current one.
All your threads will be saved in their respective sections if you restore the database, for theme to be restore, you must also upload the image directory of your custom theme.
Friend the matter is my current file directory is directly installed in FTP . So now i'm going to delete the current files and replacing the same with new one at that time too i want to restore database with out restore database will it work
Without restoring database, you will not have your posts and members back.
First take a backup of your forum, you can do it via admincP also.
Okay can i restore database it through admincp
Since its a fresh installation, you must restore it via phpmyadmin
You have an iframe included in the bottom of your site that is loading content from internetcountercheck which has malware. Did you add it there yourself, if not you need to find out how it got added there and remove it.

If you don't get to the bottom of how it got added there then its only a matter of time that it will get added again after you restore.