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Full Version: Tidy post IDs?
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Is there any way to "tidy" post/thread IDs?
I mean if you delete a post/thread and then you type its ID it will give you a
"The specified post/thread does not exist" message. How can a later posted post/thread "cover" this empty ID?
Why would you want that? People following any link to the old post would be confused to find a completely unrelated post instead. Better to show them that the linked resource is unavailable.
Thanks for your answer.
Yes you are right, but anyway is there any way to do that?
There were some stupid posts taking a unique ID Confused and should be replaced with some quality posts. I don't like deleting posts, displaying a Thread not found message, that's why.
You don't like deleting posts that are un-necessary?
Anyways, if they are less in number, like 5-10, and you have their thread ID, just edit them in the phpmyadmin
Alright, seems a nice method but will take a long long time to achieve.
Anyway thank you all for your answers.

Sure, yes, its a lengthy process if you're doing it for a lot of posts, though!
Glad that it helped, have a good day Smile
I wouldn't recommend this. Let's say you delete a post and change the auto increment value in phpMyAdmin, but you have a plugin installed which doesn't clean up his own table when a thread/post got deleted and in that table the plugin refers to the thread/post you just deleted, the plugin will refer to the thread/post you create afterwards. That's something you want to avoid.