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Full Version: Event Staff
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Well, my forum is close to its foundation day and we need members who can think of good events that members will surely participate it. Our forum is graphics forum

Anyone who wants to be our event staff? Please fill out and PM me this application form:

[b]Name / Username:[/b]
[b]How long have you been foruming?:[/b]
[b]Any event ideas?:[/b]
This isn't the way to recruit staff, just asking if they want to be staff. If I were you I'd edit your post and put an application form in, which people have to PM to you.

Other than that, nice forum, although you have too many advertisements, it looks untidy.
I only have 2 ads, 1 in the header and 1 in the footer and it's for guest only

Well, I'll edit my first post
BUMP please?
Chances are that you need more users for them to actually participate in any event, events are usually all good but members will only participate if their are others participating or if their is money as a reward, I suggest that you advertise and get more members, if you can't advertise or don't have the time.

use this: