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Full Version: Perfect Posters Here! [Come HERE for ALL Your Posting Needs!] (2 Posters Rdy2Post!)
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Looking for a poster that will get started almost instantly, has almost flawless grammar skills, a surplus of time dedicated to posting, and a vast knowledge in various subjects? If so, you're at the right thread!

Me and Static will do our best to serve you on your quest for forum success.

We are willing to post on a forum for some mullah.

Our rates are .05 a post and .07 a thread.
The reason they are so high compared to others is because we will get your package done ASAP.. And since it's summer right now, we have buttloads of time to waste and to post.

Our guarantee: If you purchase posts from us and we don't get started at least 1 day from the day you request, the package is completely free! (Of course, if we have a package that we're doing atm, this doesn't apply.)

We have:

-Vast knowledge in various subjects
-Good English/Grammar skills & fluency

We do best on general discussion forums, but hey, we're willing to try anything.

Must pay before we start. This is to ensure that I don't waste my time posting and you don't pay me.

Thank you.

If anyone is interested, please post in this thread saying so.

We're open for business!!

Special Packages (More bang for your buck!)

- $3.00 for 70 posts. (+10 posts than regularly ordering!)
- $6.00 for 150 posts. (+20 posts than regularly ordering!)

The best package:

- $10.00 for 300 posts. (+100 posts than regularly ordering!!)

EXTRA INFO: Me and Static are separate posters. We won't double register on your forum and post on both accounts unless specified. We will take turns posting and the money will go to one PayPal account.


- Hobby Zone- 300 posts. (Mr. E)

1 SPOT OPEN for Static to complete a forum post job!


-None at the moment. Just opened up! Toungue
I am interested, but I have a question. Does this: - $10.00 for 300 posts. (+100 posts!!) mean 400 posts or what? That looks like the best deal, but how many is that?
The (+100 posts!!) means that if you just ordered regularly, you would lose out on 100 posts, and the 10$ deal for 300 posts means that it's 100 more posts than what you would originally get if you paid with the .05 curriculum. Does that make sense?

I'll change it. Haha.

Sorry my reply took too long, I was doing something.
I will PM you for further information.
Started Spazmatic's package and will update this thread with my progress.
I am working with Mr. E also. Confirmed in a text message. Don't believe me? Ask him.

This means double the work done in the same time, so I suggest you buy Wink
Updated thread with Static in mind as well as added a 'Current Post Jobs' section and made the thread nicer.
I have bought the $10 package for HZ.
Yes, I've added the package to the current projects sub heading.

I am on the package right now.
Hey Spazmatic,
When Mr. E gets done with your package, be sure to post a testimonial!

So Static, are you doing seperate posts too? And I will post a testimonial, they are very good.
Would you like Static to post on HZ as well, for faster posting? When his + my posts = 300, then your package would be done.
Is that what you want?
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