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Full Version: Mods Download Taking Forever
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Is it just me or has any one tried to download any mods to day? I have tried downloading a few and there taking about a hour to download. And when I tried to download 2 at the same time they stopped.

It can't be just my network because I can download any where else on the net fine.
Works fine for me.
It's working for me. I'll admit slower than I'm used to was going at about 25 kbps but I can't imagine any mod that would take an hour even at that speed Toungue.
Well I have restarted my pc and router, and I have even tried using my laptop. Still got the same issue after doing all that and it is not me because I have been downloading fine every where else.

Also I have noticed that the mods site it self is loading slow as well.
Working fine here.
It's working fine for me, which mods are you trying to download?
I just downloaded MySupport which is almost 2MB, took ~5 seconds to download. No slowness anywhere for me.