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Full Version: Activation Emails - PHPMail not working
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My site:
Test Script:

So for some reason Mybb's PHPMail isn't working, I used the test.php script on the Mail Wiki and my host's PHPMail works fine and I received the message in my inbox and everything.

But, I noticed today we had like 30 registration and 25/30 weren't activated which was strange. So I decided to signup to test it and I never received my activation email.

I recently transferred my host so that might be the issue, but I've fixed all the problems I had and everything works 100% now just like on old host except this.
With what e-mail address are you trying to sign up? Some hosts are having trouble with sending to @live.*, @hotmail.*, @msn.* and other free e-mail.
So apparently the problem fixed itself...interesting. Alright well thanks for your support.